Đang thực hiện


                                                                                                     VHA considers our development attached with the close cooperation with other partners to exchange, supplement and extend the scope of service implementation. Currently, we are proud to have giant partners to cooperate to become a strong joint venture entering different projects.


Architecture-Studio is well known for being a world leading group of architecture consultancy, urban planning and interior design and belonging to one of the top five strongest agencies in these fields in France with offices in France, China,  Russia, Italy. Over 40 years of operation, AS has more than 200 completed projects and ongoing 40 project worldwide.

Ingerop International is a leading agency in France as well as a major player internationally in engineering and consultancy on sustainable mobility, energy transition and living environment with more than 17,000 employees, 49 offices worldwide including 24 offices in France and various projects implemented in 80 different nations.