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Nationality: French.
Architect: D.E.S.A.graduated from the Special School of Architecture in Paris in1989 | Master of urban: DESS | French State-registered architects.

ALAIN has been involved in the design of a wide range of corporate, civil and urban development. With a focus on integrating architecture, engineering, and sustainable strategies, he approaches each project as a singular opportunity to explore ideas of physical and social context, spatial experience, and tectonic expression.
After almost 30 years of collaboration with the top leading French companies, ALAIN has extensive experience in designing health, science, and education buildings. In addition, with a keen interest in program-driven project typologies, ALAIN has developed a parallel expertise in complex urban projects that accommodate multiple uses and incorporate thriving civil spaces.
Notable projects include Development Piazza Garibaldi Naples with the Agency Dominique Perrault 
Construction of the New Hospital in Bailleul, Renovation and extension of Bégin hospital in Saint-Mande with the Agency Jean-Philippe PARGADE | And Rehabitation of the Eastern Sector of Jussieu Campus in Paris with AS architecture – studio. 


Nationality: French.
Architect: D.P.L.G.graduated from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Conflans in Paris.

Possessing the endless enthusiasm in new technology and new material, when associating with VHA, Richard has always integrated this with the design projects to obtain the sustainable growth architecture solution. Richard has a very complete and expertise experience in implementing different projects such as towers, hotels, commercial buildings, housing and other medical and educational projects, with the participation in all study and supervisory phases.

Notable projects include:   Renovation of the Samaritaine Paris (SANAA Architecte mandataire / SRA) | ISSY TOWER (IGH) à Issy-les-Moulineaux (LIEBESKIND Architecte mandataire / SRA) | Projet BOCCADOR, hotel, shopping center, office, social housing, nursery, library (MVRDV mandataire / SRA) | Project Head Office of Groupe LE MONDE (Snohette / SRA) | Private hospital in Villeneuve d'Ascq and Renovation and extension of the Teaching Hospital Bégin armies at St. Mande (Agency Jean-Philippe PARGADE).



VU Van Hai 
Nationality: French.
Architect: D.P.L.G.graduated from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris de la Villette in Paris | Master of Architecture: DESS, graduated the Instritul National Polytechnique of Loraine INPL and the University for Architecture Nancy in Nancy | French State-Registered Architects.

As a Design Partner and International Development Director of VHA with 15 years of experience in implementing various projects in Europe and Asia, Hai has the practical experience and necessary market understanding to become the leader design of different types of projects from Urban planning and development, health – education complex buildings to civil hotels, offices and housing. Hai is responsible for the projects in Vietnam and Asian market of the company.
With the modern methodologies and contemporary aesthetics, Hai has developed the company’s projects focusing on Green architecture and sustainable criteria
Notable projects include: Pole Technical and Scientific Centre University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallee, France | Campus Industriel SIAAP, Achere, France | Housing OPAC in Tours, France with (Agency Jean-Philippe PARGADE) | and especially University of Science and Technology of Hanoi where Hai is the Deputy Team leader. This is a giant project marking the strong development of Vietnam education and architecture .

n Residences, and 250 West 55th Street in New York, as well as Tokyo Midtown in Japan, and the Zuellig Building in the Philippines. In addition, projects such as the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Mortimer B. Zuckerman Research Center, and the Hess Center for Science and Medicine at Mount Sinai have been significant architectural additions to these New York institutions.