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Hospital Prive

      The Hospital Prive

      Located on land with an area of approximately 2000m2, in Cau Giay district of Hanoi, projects Hospital and Oncology scale area of approximately 15,500 m2 of floor space, accommodating 150 beds and treatment for stage 1 and 200 beds phase 2. the project includes the inpatient department, outpatient, surgery, images, laboratory and intensive treatment department of Oncology.The residence is equipped room modern science combined with physiotherapy and rehabilitation service provides 5-star standards.The project when completed will meet the needs of service for examination and treatment of patients with advanced Cancer on the city.

      Location: Ha Noi, Vietnam
      Client:  Prive
      Competition: Winner 2017
      Project Area: 15,500 m2
      Site Area: 2000 m2
      Bed: 150
      Type: Health
      Status:  idea
      Service:Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainable Design
      Architects | Engineering: VHA ARCHITECTS