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Hotel Sam Son in THANH HOA

       The creativity, dynamism and young.
      Situated in Samson beach, 16 km from Thanh hoa city, Thanh Doan Thanh Hoa’s Cultural exchange center and hotel is a place for entertainment and cultural activities of Thanh Hoa’s youths. The center includes ballroom, conference hall, restaurant and 80 bedrooms ranging in 6 floors.

      Focusing on the architectural style suitable for young generation with the creativity, dynamism and strength, the building is in rectangular shape with the blank spaces at the window position to form up the deep and colorful balconies, turning the building into the a sculpture multicolor works with the modern, strong and dynamic looks. The deep balconies bring in lots of shadows, combining with big trees grown in hidden land in technical boxes of each balcony. All has created a green air filter for the building. This creation has been sourced from the interest in sustainable growth for this whole architectural work.

      Architects | Engineering: VHA ARCHITECTS