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Shared Facilities Buildings

      Flexible and user friendly : 
      The buildings of shared facilities are located on the Waterpark east face. The shared facilities complex is designed like a whole district, easily identifiable, crossed from north to south by a two levels gallery which connects the four wings.The six amphitheaters are located in-between ground floor and first floor, with easy student access. At the ground floor the landscape treatment is composed of a succession of courtyards with pools and gardens. These water plants help creating natural cooling in the courtyard, and represent a comfortable outdoor space with many meeting points for student communities.The classrooms are located according to study specialties, in each level of different wings, giving students and teachers a proper space easy to identify. Each of the four main wings is oriented north/south, which is the best for natural ventilation and sun protection.
      Similarly to the faculties teaching buildings, the layout of classroom floors is composed of a main corridor located along the south façade, with natural lighting and natural ventilation. South façade can be fully opening in summer to make efficient natural ventilation combined with opening on north façade. In winter time façade is close and corridors are a buffer area witch accumulates free sun energy.

      Architects: ARCHITECTURE STUDIO and VHA ARCHITECTS  | Engineering: INGEROP
      Team Leader: RENE HENRI Arnaud of (AS) | Deputy Team Leader : VU VAN HAI of (VHA)