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The Tower Flower

      The Tower Flower

      Influenced by the colorful and romantic city of Da Lat in the Vietnamese highlands, the Flowers of Clouds Observation Tower and Coffee project offers a hill-top observation tower that doubles as a recreational place to enjoy a coffee and a meal. Shaped through the use of lotus imagery, the structure is both functional and sculptural at the same time. 

      Like a flower sprouting from a cloud. The tower appears as a giant sculpture, structuring of 27 steel modules with 12m height stylized like a lotus flower (pure beauty of Buddhism) connected together, lifting the coffee space of 600m2 at an altitude of 8m comprising internal well hole. The entire roof area is designed as a garden to grow large confetti and large space for visitors to admire the surrounding landscape.
      Location: Dalat
      Client: Prive
      Competition: 2020
      Project Area: 600 m2
      Site Area: 10ha
      Type: Hospitality
      Service:Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainable Design
      Satuts:  In Progress
      Principal Architects: VU Van Hai
      Architects | Engineering: VHA Architects


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