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The Learning Center Buildings


      A landmark building

      The Learning Center is the main entity of USTH. It is the place for students to developing knowledge by individual and collective working as well as lectures and conferences. The building draws the south limit of the waterpark. Elevated above the entrance axis, it embodies a gate to the USTH. Large elevated nave, detached from the contingencies, the Learning Center is the landmark building of the campus.
      Students can access the study rooms at different levels: directly from the ground floor, or from the first level by the peripheral gallery that crosses the shared facilities and the faculties.

      The interior space is a continuous space organized around a central nave where the floor is stepped in four successive stages hosting the reading rooms. At each level, the nave is flanked by two wings, on the south wing are the storage of books, on the north side overlooking the waterpark landscape, we find all the study rooms, for individual or collective work.
      In the central hall, between ground floor and first floor, the conference room and the cafeteria complete the study areas. The large auditorium is located at the entrance of the campus, composing together with the learning center the main academic entities of the campus.

      Architects: ARCHITECTURE STUDIO and VHA ARCHITECTS  | Engineering: INGEROP
      Team Leader: RENE HENRI Arnaud of (AS) | Deputy Team Leader : VU VAN HAI of (VHA)